Serenity Healthcare Services, we believe that giving individuals the personal support they need to stay at home is important work!

It is not only important to the clients we serve, but also for our communities at large. We provide a full suite of home health care services that help individuals maintain independence as long as possible, and that give them the dignity and respect they deserve.

Below are the services that we offer:

Skilled Nursing

doctor and nurses
The home health nurse plans and provides nursing care in the home such as IV therapy, wound care, administering medication, nutritional teaching, monitoring in addition to patient/family instruction. An administrative nurse is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to direct the on-call home care nurses for after hours needs.

Physical Therapy

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Serenity Healthcare Services has a team of well trained, licensed and properly checked physical therapists whose scope of work involves assisting the individual to recover mobilization efficacy following an injury or debilitating medication condition.

Physical therapy encompasses orthopedic therapy, muscle therapy, sports rehabilitation therapy, post-surgery therapy, geriatric and pediatric therapy, and flexibility training.

Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapists are professionals who aim to restore the basic skills of an individual when it comes to dealing with chores at home and at work. OT’s are responsible for conducting assessments and evaluations with a thorough scheme to determine the baseline health and basic skills of an individual.

Their work encompasses energy management and conservation; restoration of sensory functions; re-education of basic living skills, restoration of physical mobility, muscle control and balance; and strength enhancement.

Speech Therapy

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Serenity Healthcare Services has a team of credible speech therapists whose primarily goal is to help individuals who have lost their speech skills secondary to an inborn state or a medical condition. Speech therapy may include the following under its scope:

  • Home Safety
  • Language
  • Swallowing Control
  • Cognition
  • Using Adaptive Speech Devices
  • Aural (Hearing) Rehabilitation
  • Non-Oral Communication
  • Home Speech and Language Exercise Programs
  • Patient Education

***Physical, occupational, and speech therapists will schedule visits around your schedule, and bring their own equipment and education materials when it comes to providing your specific needs. Your personal therapist performs hands-on approaches to enhance healing and decrease pain with instruction for patients and family in rehabilitative activities to achieve maximum independence.

Your therapist will also individualize evaluations, during which the patient/family and therapist determine the patient’s goals and customized interventions to improve the patient’s ability to perform daily activities and reach the goal!

Home Health Aide

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Services may be provided under the supervision of an R.N.

The home health aide typically provides thorough personal care, implements safety precautions/procedures, meal preparation as well as assisting you with day-to-day tasks that may be difficult to do on your own.

The home health aide may also execute therapeutic exercises as prescribed by a licensed therapist. The home health aide will assist you in maintaining a clean, healthy and safe home environment for the patient. The home health aides are on-call, 24 hours a day and will be utilized by the administrative nurse in the event of a patient or caregiver crisis.

All home health aides are state certified and have undergone testing through Serenity in addition to a rigorous new hire screening, reference check and background screening.

Medical Social Services

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Because we know that struggling to take care of someone sick at home is quite challenging, we also have Medical Social Workers who can link you to certain community resources that will ease up the tensions socially, emotionally and even financially.

Our Medical Social Services may include support in acquiring home health services; rehabilitation guidance and support; life coaching; individual, family counseling, and group counseling; hospital discharge assistance; parenting advice and coaching; foster care arrangements; and bereavement support and grief counseling.

Do you have questions regarding our services? Contact us at 612-259-8252 or schedule an assessment.